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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How it all began...

So I’m in the kitchen chopping vegetables for dinner, trying to find the best words to convey my “oh-so-brilliant-plan-at-the-time” idea to Sifu Hill, who is calmly sitting on the couch trying to catch up on some reading before we eat. Finally, I just blurt out what’s on my mind:
“Sifu, I have an idea that I think will work.”
(Actual sound that came out of my mouth: “SIFUihaveanideathatIthinkwillwork.”)
He looks up from the top of his glasses, with the kind of patient look that develops over decades from listening to other babbling students, even though all he really wants is to finish up reading and eat dinner. “Ok….”
“I want to start a blog. For our school.”
At this point I take a deep breath and pause from cutting the vegetables, because I’m pretty sure I’m going to lose a finger if I multi-task. “I want to start a kung fu blog with your school name to promote what our school is really about. I can write articles based on everything you teach us in class, from philosophy to combat strategy to personal growth. I want to be able to expand on everything we learn, and I think a blog would be a fun way of doing it.
“I think it’s a great tie-in to all of the school’s videos we have on the school’s YouTube page. I can further expand on everything you talk to us about, like all the practical philosophy and self-defense tactics that actually work on the street. I can also write about other kung-fu related topics, such as training/conditioning exercises, local martial arts related event in the area that can be promoted, and other information that would be helpful to people who wants to learn more about what you teach us. You always teach us that all combat systems are related, that all schools have a common thread….The blog can not only allow a common forum with our students, but with a whole community of martial artists, andother people who can benefit from what you teach.”
After what I believe is the longest pause of silence known to Mankind (probably only 10 seconds in real time), Sifu says, “Ok, sounds great. So do it.”
“Umm, I sorta-kinda need your permission.”
“….So do it….”
This is one of the many Sifu-isms I try to practice: Don’t overcomplicate things.
So here it goes: the unofficial official Systems within Systems martial arts blog. Like any good warrior, this blog will grow and evolve for the better as time progresses. I hope that readers will be able to better understand and learn our school’s practical philosophy, to benefit from our shared experiences, and to share with others what you learn from this blog.
Grow, learn, teach.

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