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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

2012 and You

Surprisingly, the most popular question asked to Sifu Hill isn’t about the mystical nature of kung fu, or insight into the human soul. Many people are asking him about his thoughts on 2012.

"2012?! The prophetic year of death and destruction, as predicated by  ancient civilizations long before us?!"

A dark, cynical part of me is skeptical about the end of the world  coming up in less than a year. I’m a Y2K survivor, so I’m a bit more aloof when it comes to doom-and-gloom discussions on 2012. I tend to agree with the other side of the argument, where nothing major would happen: just another year, another set of seasons.

Whichever way you argue, there is a universal concern about the topic of 2012 because that specific year represent some unknown, ominous, oncoming change. What IS going to happen next year? How will it affect my family/my friends/ my job/ my life? What if nothing happens, but I already prepared for the worst?

The idea of change can be scary, intimidating, especially since the year 2012 has so many historical contexts from various cultures. Whether it’s this year, next year, or a millennium into the future, dealing with change all comes down to the individual self, and how the can adapt to the situation that presents itself.

To address the people’s concern (and prevent him from repeating himself to everyone who asks his opinion on 2012), Sifu Hill has made 4-part series on his advice on what 2012 represents, and how you can deal with whatever may come next year. 

To see more videos on Sifu Hill's personal philosophy, please visit the main Youtube page at:

Grow, learn, teach!

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