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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Site Updates / Systems within System Forms

Hello all,

As the old Monty Python saying goes, "I'm not dead!" While you've been reading articles about how to protect your finances (Lose the Fear and Follow the Spirit, The Total Warrior) and how to fight off online attackers (30 Moves of Cyber Security), I've been ninja-ing around in the background and you haven't even noticed!
Click here to read up on the new website updates.
Click here to learn about the Systems within Systems forms.

Website Updates
- All of those who have those nifty, modern smart phones that allows you to do everything except microwave your food (although there's probably an app for that too) can now use your Internet browsers and read the Systems within Systems blog in a new, mobile format! It will show up on your phone like this:

Feel free to click the title headings to view past entries and participate in the conversation threads by leaving a comment. It also would be nice if you clicked on the nice advertisements on the side. Hint hint. :D

- I've been submitting the Systems within Systems blog link to various search engines, so now if you type "Systems within Systems Blog" in the Google, MSN, and Yahoo. Searches in RSS feeds should also show entries from this blog.

- I've gone back to studying HTML/CSS/Java so that I can make the website more manageable and prettier. One of the things I would like to do is have an area to promote other blogs/personal website created by our Systems within Systems students and friends of the Systems within Systems blog. If you have a blog/personal website you would like to suggest, please email me at Nothing inappropriate please.

Systems within Systems Forms
Now that we're past our first month of summer, take advantage of the nice weather and practice your martial arts forms outside! Studies show that you will get more out of your workout when you are outside rather than inside (click here to read a recent article). Think about it: the air flows more freely outside than when you work out inside, and you'll reap the benefits of getting more oxygen into your body from all the outdoor plants. Plus, who doesn't want to  work on that nice summer tan?

You can see some examples of the Shaolin forms that are taught to us by Sifu Lawrence Hill through the Systems within Systems VIMEO channel. We have parts of the tai chi form up (accompanied by some charming tai chi music), a Hung Gar form, Eagle Claw form, etc. We also have some martial arts related discussionson the VIMEO channel, similar to what you'll see on our Systems within Systems YouTube Page.

Even if you are a student of the Systems within Systems school and you haven't been taught the forms that are in the videos, it's still a good idea to work with what you have. It's not about the quantity of forms you know, it's all about how much quality time you put into your forms.

Grow, learn, teach!


  1. I like the VIMEO link, will there be more demonstrations? Will I find them more on VIMEO or Youtube?

  2. "none of the identified studies measured the effects of physical activity on physical well-being, or the effect of natural environments on sticking to exercise."