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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I LIVE!!!!

.....I know, right??

First off, BIIIIIG thank you to those who are still in touch with the Systems within Systems blog. I'm so honored that you all still check every so often to see if there are new updates, and I openly apologize for not being more regular with blog articles.

The problem with taking a break as a blogger is that if you are gone for longer than you need to, people think that you're:

1) Dead
2) Lazy and pretended you were dead
3) [insert a fantastic epic story of survival and courage, like being kidnapped by ninja/pirates and fighting your way back to freedom]

But the truth is, I took a break so that I can really focus on what the blog should express, gather ideas on how to make it better, and yes, took a few self-paced courses on HTML so I can make the blog look better.

And then I realized it was January 2012. Oops.

There are big plans for this blog. Lots of really great blog ideas, an attempt to improve the user layout, and a few more surprises if the stars will technically align themselves.

If you have any suggestions/comments, feel free to email them to I look forward to feedback!

Grow, learn, teach,

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