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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Importance of Footwork

One of the most fundamental lessons you can learn in any martial arts is how to stand. As easy as the it sounds, every practitioner needs to be aware many different aspects occuring in their body from something as simple as staying upright.

Try standing as a quick exercise now. How are your feet positioned? Do you feel the weight evenly distributed between the feet? Is your back straight? Are your core torso muscles engaged to help maintain your balance and posture? These are just some of the few things you need to be simultaneously aware in your body.

Now comes movement. Can you feel your weight easily transition between one foot to another as you move in any direction?

Sifu Hill recently started several advanced discussions about the importance of footwork, and how to move swiftly and effectively in a combat situation
Below are some of our best videos on the subject:

For more class videos, visit our Systems within Systems school YouTube video at:

Grow, learn, teach!

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